Hops with Candy Flavor

Candy-flavored hops are particularly desirable in certain beer styles where a playful, sweet profile complements the overall character of the brew. These hops work well in styles such as Milkshake IPAs, Fruited IPAs, Pastry Stouts, and certain fruit-forward Sours. Milkshake IPAs, for example, are known for their creamy mouthfeel and fruit additions, which harmonize with the candy-like hop flavors to create a balanced, yet luscious beer experience. Fruited IPAs similarly benefit from the sweetness of candy-flavored hops, as they can further accentuate the fruity and juicy notes. Pastry Stouts, which often incorporate dessert-like flavors, can also benefit from a touch of candy-like sweetness that these hops provide, adding depth and complexity to the profile. Lastly, some fruit-forward Sour beers might also utilize candy-flavored hops to enhance their tart, fruity character, adding a contrasting sweetness that enhances the overall drinking experience.

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