Idaho Gem Hops

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Idaho Gem hops, named after its home state due to its mining history, is a unique variety that has captured the attention of brewers and beer enthusiasts alike. Discovered by Gooding Farms in Parma, Idaho, this hop variety is the first-named variety from the farm, located in Wilder, Idaho. Its origin story is intriguing, as it is a found variety with unknown genetics. However, what is known is its standout character, which is reminiscent of bright red cherries.

The aroma profile of Idaho Gem is diverse and captivating. It boasts notes of berry, bubblegum, citrus, floral, and mint. Furthermore, it shines with additional aromas of stone fruit, red berry, mojito, and even powdered sugar. Its flavors are described as soft and full, with a remarkable smoothness. Think of the bright and forward impressions of fruit candy, supported by citric grapefruit notes. Rich levels of sweet, fruit-forward aromatic oils make Idaho Gem optimal for late kettle additions or dry hopping in a variety of beer styles. Whether used alone or in a blend, it's versatile and can hold its own as a single hop.


Alpha Acid

9.1 < 12.1 < 14.9 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 7.0 < 8.6 %


6.7 < 33.3 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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