Target Hops

Dual Purpose
🇬🇧 Great Britain
  1. East Kent Golding
  2. Fuggle
  3. Challenger
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Target hops are a highly versatile variety, originating from the United Kingdom and first bred at the Hop Research Institute at Wye College in 1971. Developed as a cross between Northern Brewer and Eastwell Golding, Target quickly gained popularity among brewers due to its excellent disease resistance and high alpha acid content. With its distinctive characteristics, Target hops have become a staple in both traditional and modern British beer styles, as well as gaining traction in American and international craft brewing scenes.

The flavor profile of Target hops is a harmonious blend of herbal, spice, and citrus notes, with hints of pine and a pleasant earthiness. The hop's high alpha acid content, which typically ranges from 9.5% to 12.5%, makes it an excellent choice for bittering. However, its well-rounded aroma characteristics also lend themselves nicely to late additions and dry hopping, adding depth and complexity to a beer's flavor and aroma. Target hops have been used extensively in various beer styles, including but not limited to English pale ales, porters, stouts, and even some lagers.

For homebrewing, Target hops offer a great deal of flexibility and can be used as a single hop variety or combined with others to create unique flavor profiles. The hop's balanced character makes it a valuable addition to your brewing toolkit, whether you are looking to create a traditional British ale or experiment with new styles and hop combinations. Target hops will not only impart bitterness to your brew, but also provide a nuanced and well-rounded character that can help elevate your beer to new heights.


Alpha Acid

7.3 < 11.0 < 12.7 %

Beta Acid

2.0 < 5.0 < 5.0 %


6.8 < 37.6 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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