Helios Hops

Also known as: HS15619

Dual Purpose
Super High
🇺🇸 United States


Helios hops, a recent innovation from Hopsteiner, are making waves in the brewing community. Named after the Greek god of the Sun, Helios, who rode his chariot across the sky bringing day and night, this hop variety is aptly named for its impressive growth, often dubbed the "charioteer of the trellis." As it stretches towards the sky, it can block out the sun, creating an impression of transitioning from day to night when walking beneath its trellised fields.

Helios hops are described as having a low CoH, which translates to a pleasant bitterness for brewers. This is significant as low CoH hops are known to provide a softer, gentler bitterness compared to their high CoH counterparts. The aroma profile of Helios is resinous, spicy, and floral, with a muted aroma characterized by clean, soft accents. This dual-purpose hop is not only valuable for its alpha characters, which are sought after by brewers for imparting aroma and flavor to beers, but also for its agronomic benefits. Farmers appreciate Helios for its high yield and resistance to diseases, particularly powdery and downy mildew. This resistance is crucial as it reduces the need for chemical interventions, making Helios one of the most agronomically sustainable hop varieties today.


Alpha Acid

16.0 < 18.0 < 19.4 %

Beta Acid

4.0 < 4.0 < 4.0 %


4.9 < 16.3 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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