ADHA-529 Hops

Dual Purpose
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ADHA-529, commonly known as a product of the American Dwarf Hop Association (ADHA), is a unique hop variety that has been captivating the brewing community since its commercial release in 2016. The ADHA, dedicated to breeding innovative hop varieties to address the agricultural challenges faced by hop growers, introduced ADHA-529 as a solution to some of these challenges. With its origins in the USA, this hop boasts a rich lineage, being a progeny of Zeus (mother) and a wild father. This places ADHA-529 within the esteemed Nugget family of hops, a lineage known for producing several renowned hop varieties. Notably, the Nugget family also includes the popular Mosaic hop, which shares a similar parentage.

The flavor profile of ADHA-529 is truly distinctive, offering a tantalizing blend of sweet, coconut, and lemon aromas. These primary notes are beautifully complemented by undertones of hay, mint, green tea, and regular tea. For homebrewers, the hop's higher Alpha and moderate Co-Humulone levels ensure a smooth bitterness, making it a versatile choice for various beer styles. Its aroma, reminiscent of a tropical paradise with hints of refreshing herbs, is bound to elevate the sensory experience of any brew.


Alpha Acid

8.1 < 11.0 < 12.5 %


11.0 < 46.7 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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