Glacier Hops

Dual Purpose
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  3. Simcoe
  4. Amarillo
  5. Willamette
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Glacier hops are a versatile and dual-purpose hop variety that originated in the United States. Developed by Washington State University and released in 2000, they are the result of a breeding program aimed at producing high-yield and disease-resistant hop plants. The Glacier hop is a cross of French Elsaesser hop, Brewer's Gold and Northern Brewer. Its lineage lends it a unique blend of both old-world and new-world characteristics, making it a popular choice among craft brewers and homebrewers alike.

The flavor profile of Glacier hops is characterized by a mild, balanced bitterness with a distinct aroma that features notes of earthy, floral, and citrus undertones. The low cohumulone levels contribute to the smooth bitterness, which makes it a great choice for a variety of beer styles. It imparts a clean, crisp finish to your brew, making it ideal for use in a wide range of beers, such as pale ales, IPAs, English bitters, and American-style lagers. With an alpha acid content typically ranging from 5.5% to 6.5% and beta acids around 5.5% to 7.5%, Glacier hops offer a moderate bittering potential that can easily be incorporated into your homebrew recipes. Experimenting with Glacier hops can elevate your brews to new levels, offering complexity and nuance that both novice and experienced homebrewers will appreciate.


Alpha Acid

4.4 < 5.6 < 7.0 %

Beta Acid

7.6 < 7.6 < 8.1 %


8.3 < 42.9 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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