Phoenix Hops

Dual Purpose
🇬🇧 Great Britain


Phoenix hops, a unique variety developed by Wye College in England, are known for their complex flavor profile. The most common descriptors include pine, floral, and spice, but many brewers also report notes of dark chocolate and molasses. Phoenix hops were bred from a high alpha variety, making them effective as a bittering hop. However, they are primarily used in classic English ales or darker styles like porters and stouts to capture those dark, roasty elements.

Despite its low yield, Phoenix has a lovely aroma and flavor and seems destined to become a favorite among craft brewers. It was first grown at Wye College in England in an effort to find a more disease-resistant replacement for Challenger hops. Phoenix was selected as a seedling of Yeoman. Though considered dual-purpose for brewing, Phoenix hops are usually employed early in the boil. Some brewers have claimed its use as a late addition often leads to flavors and aromas that are sometimes inconsistent and disappointingly mellow.


Alpha Acid

4.9 < 10.0 < 13.3 %

Beta Acid

4.6 < 4.6 < 4.6 %


7.7 < 50.0 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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