Hallertauer Taurus Hops

Dual Purpose
🇩🇪 Germany


Hallertauer Taurus is a distinctive hop variety that originates from Germany, specifically from the Hop Research Institute in Hüll. Released in 1995, this hop boasts an intriguing flavor profile that combines earthy tones with hints of chocolate and banana. Additionally, it carries spicy and peppery notes, culminating in a unique zesty curry undertone. In the brewing world, Hallertauer Taurus is recognized for its high alpha acid content, which averages between 12% to 17%. This high alpha acid content lends a crisp bitterness, making it particularly suitable for German-style lagers. However, despite its super-alpha character, it is not typically used as an aroma hop. Instead, its delicate and floral aromatics are often overshadowed by its strong bittering qualities. Paulaner, a renowned brewery, has chosen Hallertauer Taurus for their Oktoberfest bier, showcasing its versatility and unique flavor contributions.

This hop is not just known for its flavor but also for its potential health benefits. It contains the highest xanthohumol content of any hop, a potent antioxidant that is 200 times more powerful than those found in red wine. This antioxidant property has piqued interest in the health food sector, where xanthohumol is being extensively researched for its potential health benefits


Alpha Acid

5.0 < 14.8 < 18.3 %

Beta Acid

2.8 < 5.0 < 6.1 %


5.1 < 30.2 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Dual Purpose

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