Premiant Hops

🇨🇿 Czech Republic


Premiant hops, a Czech variety, are a descendant of the Saaz variety and were released in 1996. They exhibit robust growth and a mild aroma. The name "Premiant" translates to "prized" or "prize-winning," reflecting its valued characteristics in the brewing industry. This hop variety is known for its relatively high alpha acid content, ranging from 7 to 11%, which makes it a suitable dual-purpose hop. It is moderately bittering with a low cohumulone ratio, making it an ideal neutral bittering agent, especially for Pilsners.

The flavor profile of Premiant hops is quite complex and unique. It is dominated by tea-like and citrusy components such as lemon and lime, which interplay with sweet chocolate and spicy curry, pepper, and jasmine. It also displays notes of lemon grass, passion fruit, quince, and lavender. This sophisticated aromatic interplay makes Premiant a versatile hop, often employed in Belgian Pilsners and well-suited to Belgian, French, and German Ales. The neutral character of its bitterness, due to the unusually low content of cohumulone, is one reason breweries dabbling in Czech or Belgian styles have a strong preference for Premiant.


Alpha Acid

4.8 < 8.0 < 11.5 %

Beta Acid

4.5 < 4.5 < 4.5 %


7.1 < 37.5 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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