British Bitter

BJCP 2021:


The British Bitter category are traditional English beers known for their moderate strength and a balance of malt and hop flavors. These beers are typically amber to copper in color, clear, with good to brilliant clarity, and possess a moderate to low carbonation level. These beers have a pronounced bitterness that is balanced by a biscuity or caramel-like malt character.

Styles within the British Bitter category include Ordinary Bitter, Best Bitter, and Strong Bitter. Each style reflects increasing levels of alcohol strength and flavorful depth while maintaining the characteristic balance between hops and malt. Ordinary Bitters are the lightest in terms of alcohol content and body, while Best Bitters offer a more robust taste experience without overwhelming the palate. Strong Bitters present the highest alcohol content within the lineup but remain very drinkable with pronounced flavor profiles.

Distinct from other categories like American Pale Ales or India Pale Ales, which often display higher levels of carbonation, hoppiness, or alcohol content, British Bitters are noted for their sessionable qualities – inviting drinkers to enjoy multiple pints in one sitting due to their moderate strength and refreshing nature.

Distinct beer styles within this category:



In Database
3.3 < 4.8 < 6.5 %


In Database
22 < 34 < 53 IBU


In Database
11 < 20 < 35 EBC
5 < 10 < 18 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
8.7 < 12.3 < 16.0 °P
1.035 < 1.050 < 1.066 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
1.8 < 3.3 < 5.1 °P
1.007 < 1.013 < 1.020 FG

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