Dark British Beer

BJCP 2021:


The Dark British Beer category encompasses a range of rich, flavorful beers that are known for their depth of color and complexity of taste. These beers are typically average to strong in alcohol content and can range from bitter to sweet. The category is distinguished by its focus on traditional stouts which have their origins in England, although they are now popular and associated with Ireland as well.

Sweet Stout, for example, is characterized by its very dark, sweet, full-bodied nature with a slight roasty quality that can suggest coffee-and-cream or sweetened espresso. Oatmeal Stout adds a layer of complexity with its smooth, silky texture supported by the addition of oatmeal. Tropical Stout stands out for its very dark, sweet, fruity, and moderately strong profile with smooth roasty flavors without the burnt harshness. Foreign Extra Stout offers a rich, fairly dry experience with prominent roast flavors. Each style within this category showcases the diversity and richness of dark beers from the British Isles, setting it apart from other beer categories by its emphasis on traditional flavors, ingredients, and brewing methods.

Distinct beer styles within this category:



In Database
4.0 < 5.5 < 7.6 %


In Database
17 < 30 < 58 IBU


In Database
45 < 73 < 122 EBC
23 < 37 < 62 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
10.6 < 14.0 < 18.4 °P
1.043 < 1.057 < 1.076 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
2.1 < 3.9 < 6.2 °P
1.008 < 1.015 < 1.025 FG

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