Specialty Fruit Beer

BJCP 2021:


Specialty Fruit Beer is a unique and versatile category in the world of fruit beers, characterized by the addition of various ingredients or processes that enhance its flavor profile. This style allows for the inclusion of additional fermentables such as honey, brown sugar, or invert sugar, sweeteners like lactose, adjuncts, alternative grains, or other special ingredients. It can be based on any style within the Fruit Beer category, offering a wide range of possibilities for creativity and innovation.

The overall impression of a Specialty Fruit Beer is a harmonious blend of fruit, sugar, and beer, maintaining its identity as a beer while showcasing the added components. The appearance generally follows that of a typical fruit beer. The aroma and flavor profiles are similar to those of Fruit Beers, but with an added layer of complexity from the additional ingredients, which should complement the fruit and beer elements without overpowering them. The mouthfeel can vary depending on the type of sugar added, potentially altering the body of the beer.



In Database
2.8 < 5.7 < 11.5 %


In Database
4 < 21 < 76 IBU


In Database
5 < 10 < 72 EBC
2 < 5 < 36 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
7.6 < 13.5 < 23.5 °P
1.030 < 1.055 < 1.100 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
0.5 < 3.1 < 7.3 °P
1.002 < 1.012 < 1.029 FG

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