Strong Belgian Ale

BJCP 2021:


Strong Belgian Ales are a diverse group of high-alcohol, often pale and complex beers that originate from Belgium. They can vary significantly in flavor, but they typically share some common characteristics like a noticeable alcohol warmth, a fruity and spicy yeast-driven complexity, and a relatively dry finish. These characteristics come from the unique Belgian yeast strains used for fermentation and the simple yet quality ingredients with which these beers are crafted.

The range of beer styles within the Strong Belgian Ale category includes lighter colored options like the Belgian Blond Ale or the stronger and more potent Belgian Golden Strong Ale both prized for their delicate balance of malt sweetness, noble hops subtlety, and peppery to fruity yeast notes. On the darker side are beers like the richly malty Belgian Dubbel, showcasing darker fruits on its flavor profile, or the even stronger Belgian Dark Strong Ale with its potent combination of intense malty flavors and very complex esters and phenols from yeast. This category differs markedly from other categories due to its emphasis on strength combined with elegance, effervescence, intricate flavors derived largely from unique yeast strains rather than heavy hop profiles or specialty malts.

Distinct beer styles within this category:



In Database
3.9 < 6.2 < 9.5 %


In Database
14 < 26 < 40 IBU


In Database
5 < 10 < 34 EBC
2 < 5 < 17 SRM

Original Extract

In Database
9.1 < 14.2 < 20.9 °P
1.036 < 1.058 < 1.088 OG

Final Gravity

In Database
0.4 < 2.8 < 5.4 °P
1.001 < 1.011 < 1.021 FG

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