Celery, although commonly associated with salads and vegetable dishes, has also found its way into the world of beer brewing. Its unique flavor profile offers a refreshing and crisp taste that complements certain beer styles exceptionally well. The addition of Celery in beer influences the overall taste by imparting a subtle herbal note and adding complexity to the brew.

Celery is primarily used as an adjunct in brewing, providing additional flavors and aromas to enhance different beer styles. It can be utilized during various stages of the brewing process, such as mashing or fermentation, depending on desired outcomes. Apart from contributing its distinct flavor, Celery possesses natural preservative properties that help prolong shelf life.

Typical beer styles brewed with Celery include light lagers and Witbiers where its delicate herbaceous characteristics perfectly harmonize with their clean profiles. Additionally, some brewers experiment with incorporating Celery into other creative concoctions like pale ales or farmhouse saisons for added depth and interest in their beers.



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