Grapefruit is a citrus fruit known for its tangy and slightly bitter flavor profile. When used in beer brewing, it brings a refreshing and zesty element to the taste of the beer. The natural acidity of Grapefruit can balance out sweetness in certain beer styles and add a bright citrus note.

Grapefruit can be used during different stages of the brewing process. It is commonly added as an ingredient during fermentation or as an infusion during conditioning to impart its unique flavor into the beer. Grapefruit can also be used in combination with other fruits or hops to create complex flavors and aromas.

The properties of Grapefruit make it particularly suitable for use in beers that aim for a crisp, fruity character. Its high acid content adds tartness while enhancing hop bitterness, making it ideal for sour beers like Gose or Berliner Weisse. Additionally, Grapefruit pairs well with hoppy American Pale Ales (APAs) and IPAs by complementing their citrus-forward hop profiles.



0 < 9 < 51 EBC
1 < 4 < 20 °L


0.1 < 11.6 < 89.9 %

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