Aromatic Malt



Aromatic Malt is a toasted grain that adds distinct flavors and aromas to beer brewing. It contributes a rich, malty sweetness with notes of bread, biscuit, and honey. The malt's deep toasting process creates complex caramelization and Maillard reactions, resulting in a unique flavor profile that enhances the overall taste of the beer.

When used in brewing, Aromatic Malt significantly influences the taste by imparting its characteristic sweet and nutty flavors. It adds depth and complexity to beers such as Belgian Dubbels or German Bocks, giving them a pronounced malt-forward character. Additionally, it can contribute to the aroma by releasing enticing scents reminiscent of freshly baked bread or toasted nuts.

Due to its specific properties and flavor profile, Aromatic Malt finds application in various beer styles where a strong malt presence is desired. These include traditional European styles like Märzen/Oktoberfest beers or Scottish Ales which benefit from its deep amber color along with its robust maltiness. By incorporating Aromatic Malt into their recipes, brewers are able to create well-rounded brews with distinctive malty characteristics that are highly appreciated by beer enthusiasts.



39 < 52 < 100 EBC
15 < 20 < 38 °L


1.1 < 4.4 < 100.0 %

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