Dark Wheat Malt

Base Malt


Dark Wheat Malt is a versatile grain that adds a unique flavor profile to beer brewing. It imparts a rich, malty sweetness with hints of caramel and breadiness, creating depth and complexity in the taste of the beer. The malt's darker color influences the overall appearance of the brew, giving it a golden hue.

Used primarily as a base malt, Dark Wheat Malt provides essential fermentable sugars during the brewing process. Its high enzymatic activity allows for efficient conversion of starches into sugars, contributing to improved fermentation and increased alcohol content in the finished product. Additionally, its protein content gives beer brewed with Dark Wheat Malt enhanced body and head retention.

This type of malt is commonly used in various beer styles such as Dunkelweizen or German dark wheat beers where it contributes to their characteristic flavors and colors. It can also be employed in Belgian Dubbels or English Brown Ales to add depth and nuance to these styles.



15 < 15 < 23 EBC
6 < 6 < 9 °L


1.5 < 10.8 < 61.2 %

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