Diastatic Malt

Adjunct Malt


Diastatic Malt, a type of adjunct malt commonly used in beer brewing, adds unique flavors and influences the taste profile of the final product. It imparts a subtly sweet and malty flavor to the beer while also enhancing its body and mouthfeel. The diastatic enzymes present in this malt play an essential role in breaking down starches into fermentable sugars during mashing, thus aiding fermentation.

Diastatic Malt is primarily used for improving fermentation efficiency by providing additional enzymes that convert complex carbohydrates into simpler sugars. This not only increases alcohol content but also contributes to better head retention and increased overall drinkability. Its light color makes it suitable for various beer styles such as pale ales, lagers, cream ales, and wheat beers. Additionally, Diastatic Malt's properties make it beneficial for boosting gravity or adding complexity to recipes that require highly fermentable sugars or drier finishes without compromising on flavor development or yeast health.



3 < 4 < 7 EBC
2 < 2 < 3 °L


1.4 < 10.4 < 92.5 %

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