Extra Dark Wheat Malt

Base Malt


Extra Dark Wheat Malt is a versatile grain used in beer brewing that offers a unique flavor profile. It imparts a rich, malty taste with hints of caramel and breadiness to the finished beer. The malt’s deep color also contributes to its influence on the overall taste, providing a darker hue and adding complexity to the brew.

This type of wheat malt is commonly used for enhancing the flavor and body of various beers. Its properties make it suitable for both lagers and ales, allowing brewers to experiment with different styles such as stouts, porters, dunkelweizens, or dark Belgian beers. Additionally, Extra Dark Wheat Malt can add depth to lighter styles like pale ales or witbiers when used in smaller quantities.



15 < 24 < 32 EBC
6 < 9 < 13 °L


15.7 < 23.0 < 30.4 %

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