Munich Dark Malt

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Munich Malt II


Munich Dark Malt is a versatile grain that adds a distinct flavor profile to beer brewing. With its rich, malty taste and hints of bread crust and caramel, this malt greatly influences the overall taste of the beer. It brings depth and complexity to the brew, enhancing its sweetness while providing a smooth finish.

This type of malt is commonly used in various beer styles such as Munich Dunkel, Märzen, Bock, or Scottish Ales. Its properties make it ideal for creating beers with deep amber colors and complex flavors. As a base malt, Munich Dark Malt provides fermentable sugars necessary for yeast activity during fermentation. Additionally, its color contributes to the appearance of the finished product by imparting an appealing amber hue.

Munich Dark Malt plays an essential role in brewing flavorful beers with notes of toasted grains and subtle sweetness. Whether it's adding character to traditional German lagers or experimenting with other beer styles seeking complexity and richness in flavor profiles – this dark malt has proven itself as a valuable ingredient within the craft brewing community.



17 < 25 < 84 EBC
7 < 10 < 32 °L


2.2 < 11.1 < 85.4 %

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