Munich Light Malt

Also known as: Munich Malt I

Base Malt


Munich Light Malt offers a rich and malty taste with hints of biscuit and bread-like sweetness. It imparts a smooth and slightly toasted character to the beer, resulting in a more full-bodied and complex flavor profile. This malt has a significant influence on the taste of the beer by enhancing its maltiness and adding depth to the overall flavor.

Munich Light Malt is commonly used as a base malt in brewing, providing a solid foundation for various beer styles. Its properties make it an excellent choice for adding color, body, and flavor to beers. With its amber color, it contributes a warm hue to the final product while also delivering that characteristic malty aroma.

This type of malt is often employed in brewing traditional German beer styles such as Märzen, Oktoberfest, Bock, and Dunkel. These beers benefit greatly from Munich Light Malt as it helps to achieve their desired characteristics like a rich malty backbone, smoothness, and enhanced caramel notes. Additionally, craft brewers have been experimenting with this malt in American-style beers such as amber ales or red IPAs to add complexity and depth to these popular styles.



13 < 25 < 25 EBC
5 < 10 < 10 °L


2.3 < 10.5 < 77.1 %

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