Pale Chocolate

Also known as: Chocolate Light, Chocolate Low Colour



Pale Chocolate is a roasted grain that adds a unique flavor profile to beer brewing. Unlike traditional chocolate malt, Pale Chocolate has a lighter color and milder flavor. It imparts subtle hints of cocoa, coffee, and nuttiness to the beer, creating a smooth and balanced taste. This ingredient brings complexity and depth to the brew without overwhelming other flavors.

When used in beer brewing, Pale Chocolate contributes rich notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee while maintaining a delicate sweetness. It enhances the overall complexity of the beer's flavor profile by adding layers of depth and richness. Breweries often use Pale Chocolate in darker styles such as stouts, porters, brown ales, or Belgian dubbels where its mild roast character can complement or enhance the existing malt backbone.

Properties-wise, Pale Chocolate is distinguished by its black color achieved through roasting at lower temperatures compared to regular chocolate malts. Its gentle roast allows for more control over the level of bitterness imparted on the finished product. With just enough toastiness and subtle sweetness from this grain type, brewers have flexibility in achieving desired flavors while avoiding excessive acridness or harshness sometimes associated with darker malts.



400 < 551 < 961 EBC
151 < 207 < 361 °L


0.7 < 3.5 < 12.5 %

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