Pale Wheat Malt

Also known as: White Wheat Malt

Base Malt


Pale Wheat Malt is a crucial ingredient in beer brewing, known for its distinct flavor profile. It imparts a subtly sweet and bready taste to the beer, which complements other ingredients like hops and yeast. This malt greatly influences the overall taste of the beer by adding depth and complexity.

Pale Wheat Malt is primarily used as a base malt in many beer recipes, providing fermentable sugars that contribute to alcohol content during fermentation. Its properties include being light in color, lending clarity to the final product while still maintaining some haze characteristic of wheat beers. Due to its unique qualities, Pale Wheat Malt is commonly used in traditional German-style hefeweizens and Belgian witbiers where it adds body and enhances head retention. Additionally, it can be utilized in American wheat beers or pale ales for added texture and flavor dimensionality.



3 < 4 < 9 EBC
2 < 2 < 4 °L


2.2 < 14.3 < 63.0 %

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