Roasted Rye Malt

Also known as: Chocolate Rye



Roasted Rye Malt is a grain that adds a unique and distinct flavor profile to beer. It imparts rich, dark flavors with hints of coffee, chocolate, and roasted nuts. This malt contributes to the overall complexity and depth of taste in brewing by providing a bold and slightly spicy character.

The use of Roasted Rye Malt greatly influences the taste of beer by adding depth and complexity through its pronounced roasted notes. Its intense flavors can enhance stouts, porters, or even pale ales by giving them an added layer of richness. Additionally, it provides a smooth mouthfeel which helps balance out the bitterness from hops.

This malt is primarily used for dark beers such as stouts, porters, black IPAs (India Pale Ales), or brown ales due to its deep color ranging from dark brown to black. The properties of Roasted Rye Malt include high fermentability and good diastatic power which aids in the conversion of starches into sugars during mashing.



483 < 639 < 879 EBC
181 < 240 < 330 °L


0.6 < 3.7 < 15.1 %

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