Small Spelt Malt

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Small Spelt Malt is a grain that offers a unique flavor profile to beer brewing. It imparts a delicate nutty and biscuity taste, along with subtle hints of honey and spice. Its distinct flavor adds depth and complexity to the overall taste of the beer, making it an intriguing ingredient for brewers looking to experiment with different flavors.

This malt is primarily used for its ability to enhance the malty character in beers. It contributes a smooth mouthfeel and helps create a rich caramel-like sweetness without overpowering other ingredients. Small Spelt Malt also aids in head retention, resulting in visually appealing beers with frothy foam on top. Due to its light color, it can be utilized in various beer styles such as Belgian-style Ales, Saisons, Wheat Beers, or even experimental recipes where brewers want to add some uniqueness to their creations.



3 < 7 < 12 EBC
2 < 3 < 5 °L


1.3 < 7.2 < 47.5 %

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