Torrified Oats

Unmalted Adjunct


Torrified Oats, a type of unmalted adjunct grain in brewing, brings unique flavors and properties to beer. It contributes a mild, nutty flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to the brew. The torrefaction process enhances the oats' natural sweetness while maintaining their light color.

By incorporating Torrified Oats into beer recipes, brewers can achieve various taste enhancements. This ingredient imparts a smooth and creamy mouthfeel due to its high protein content. It also improves head retention, resulting in a luscious foam on top of the beer. Additionally, Torrified Oats adds body and helps balance out bitterness or acidity in certain styles.

Primarily used as an adjunct grain, Torrified Oats serve multiple purposes in brewing processes. They aid in enhancing mouthfeel and creating silky textures often found in stouts, porters, or hazy IPAs. These oats are particularly useful when aiming for beers with more body without increasing maltiness or sweetness significantly.



0 < 7 < 7 EBC
1 < 3 < 3 °L


1.8 < 8.3 < 24.2 %

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