Unmalted Buckwheat

Unmalted Adjunct


Unmalted Buckwheat is a unique grain used in beer brewing. It adds a distinct flavor profile to the finished product, characterized by nutty and earthy notes with hints of honey and caramel. This ingredient significantly influences the taste of beer, imparting complexity and depth to the brew.

In addition to its flavor contribution, Unmalted Buckwheat also serves various purposes in brewing. It enhances head retention and can add body and mouthfeel to the beer due to its high protein content. Furthermore, it aids in improving foam stability during pouring. Typically used as an adjunct grain, Unmalted Buckwheat brings additional properties such as increased haze formation and improved color stability. Its golden hue adds visual appeal to beers brewed with this ingredient.

This versatile grain finds application in a range of beer styles including Belgian-style Saisons, Blonde Ales, or even experimental recipes where brewers seek innovative flavors and textures for their creations. Whether aiming for traditional or unconventional brews, incorporating Unmalted Buckwheat into beer recipes offers endless possibilities for creative experimentation within the craft brewing industry.



4 < 11 < 25 EBC
2 < 5 < 10 °L


1.7 < 16.7 < 33.3 %

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