Unmalted Spelt

Unmalted Adjunct


Unmalted Spelt, a light-colored grain used as an unmalted adjunct in beer brewing, brings unique flavor profiles to the final product. With its nutty and slightly sweet taste, Unmalted Spelt adds depth and complexity to beers. Its influence on the taste can range from subtle to prominent depending on the quantity used. As an adjunct ingredient is primarily used for enhancing mouthfeel and improving head retention in beers. Its high protein content contributes to a fuller body and increased foam stability. Additionally, Unmalted Spelt provides fermentable sugars that can be converted by enzymes present during mashing.

Typical beer styles brewed with Unmalted Spelt include wheat beers, saisons, farmhouse ales, and Belgian-style brews. These styles benefit from the grain's ability to create a smooth texture while imparting distinct flavors that enhance their overall character. Whether it is contributing a delicate sweetness or adding earthy undertones, Unmalted Spelt plays an essential role in creating exceptional craft beers across various styles.



3 < 4 < 33 EBC
2 < 2 < 13 °L


3.0 < 16.6 < 40.2 %

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