Vienna Malt

Base Malt


Vienna Malt is a base malt with a golden color that adds a distinct flavor profile to beer. It imparts a rich, malty sweetness with hints of bread crust and toasted nuts. This malt is known for its ability to enhance the overall taste of beer by providing a smooth and complex character. The use of Vienna Malt in brewing brings out a subtle sweetness and depth, making it an excellent addition to various beer styles. It acts as the backbone of many classic lagers, such as Vienna Lager and Märzen, contributing to their balanced flavor profiles. Additionally, Vienna Malt can be used in pale ales and amber ales to add complexity and depth without overwhelming the other ingredients.

Vienna Malt has moderate enzymatic activity and good fermentability. Its kilning process gives it a unique balance between color development and enzyme preservation. This makes it ideal for both single infusion mashes and decoction mashes, allowing brewers flexibility in their brewing techniques. It is valued for its versatility and ability to enhance the flavor of various beer styles. Its distinctive characteristics make it an essential ingredient in creating beers with depth, complexity, and balanced sweetness.



6 < 8 < 12 EBC
3 < 4 < 5 °L


2.6 < 15.0 < 95.7 %

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