Coriander, a popular spice and herb, is widely used in beer brewing to add unique flavors and aromas. It has a distinct flavor profile characterized by citrusy notes with hints of lemon and orange zest. When added to the brewing process, coriander can greatly influence the taste of beer by providing a refreshing and zesty character.

Due to its versatile nature, coriander is used for various purposes in beer production. It acts as a natural preservative that helps extend the shelf life of beers while also enhancing their overall flavor. Additionally, it contributes to the complexity of certain styles such as Belgian Witbier or German Hefeweizen. The properties of coriander include its ability to balance sweetness with subtle bitterness and provide an aromatic quality that complements other ingredients in the brew. Typical beer styles brewed with coriander include witbiers (Belgian wheat beers), saisons (farmhouse ales), gose (sour German-style beers), and some spiced winter warmers.



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