Lavender, a popular spice and herb, has found its way into the world of beer brewing, adding a unique flavor profile to various styles of beer. With its distinct floral aroma and slightly sweet taste, Lavender enhances the overall sensory experience of drinking beer. Its influence on taste can vary depending on how it is used - when added during the brewing process, it imparts delicate hints of Lavender in both the aroma and flavor.

Apart from lending an enticing fragrance to beers, Lavender serves multiple purposes in brewing. It acts as a natural preservative due to its antimicrobial properties and can help extend the shelf life of certain brews. Additionally, this aromatic herb is often utilized for its calming effects and potential health benefits such as reducing anxiety or promoting relaxation. Beer styles that incorporate Lavender range from light Belgian witbiers to hoppy American pale ales. The use of Lavender adds complexity to these beers while complementing other ingredients like citrus fruits or spices commonly found in these styles.



5 < 12 < 12 EBC
2 < 5 < 5 °L


0.1 < 8.9 < 69.3 %

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