Oak Chip



Oak Chips are commonly used in beer brewing to impart a distinct flavor profile and add complexity to the finished product. The flavor of oak chip can range from subtle vanilla and caramel notes to more pronounced woody, smoky, or even spicy flavors. By influencing the taste of beer, Oak Chips contribute depth and richness to the overall flavor profile.

The primary use of Oak Chips in beer brewing is for aging purposes. Brewers will often add Oak Chips during fermentation or conditioning stages to mimic the effects of barrel aging without the need for actual barrels. Oak Chips have properties that enable them to absorb some of the harsher compounds present in young beers while releasing desirable flavors into the brew. They also provide tannins which can improve mouthfeel and enhance stability.

Various beer styles benefit from using Oak Chips during brewing processes, particularly those that traditionally undergo barrel aging such as stouts, porters, barleywines, Belgian strong ales, and sour beers like lambics or Flanders reds. However, brewers may experiment with different styles ranging from lighter lagers to hoppy IPAs by adjusting quantities and contact time with Oak Chips based on their desired outcome.


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