Hops with Hazelnut Flavor

Hazelnut flavor in beer hops is not a common descriptor, but when present, it can add a unique and delightful nuance to certain beer styles. This nutty characteristic can complement malt-forward beers where a subtle depth and complexity are desired. Beers such as Brown Ales, Porters, and certain Belgian styles can benefit from a hint of hazelnut, as it melds well with the roasted, caramel, and chocolate notes often found in these styles. When selecting hop varieties, brewers should be attentive to those that might offer a hazelnut or general nutty profile, though it's worth noting that such flavors can also be derived from malts, yeast, or adjuncts. Experimentation and blending can lead to the desired hazelnut touch in the final brew.

Other descriptors going with Hazelnut: