Flaked Rye

Unmalted Adjunct


Flaked Rye is a popular grain used in beer brewing that adds unique and distinct flavors to the final product. It has a flavor profile characterized by subtle spiciness, earthy undertones, and a hint of nuttiness. When incorporated into beer recipes, Flaked Rye greatly influences the taste by imparting a distinctive complexity and depth. Its spicy notes complement hop bitterness while its nutty character adds richness to the overall flavor.

Brewers often use Flaked Rye for various purposes in their creations. Firstly, it acts as an adjunct ingredient that enhances mouthfeel and head retention due to its high protein content. Additionally, Flaked Rye contributes to better foam stability within beers. Moreover, its light color ensures minimal impact on the appearance of the brews but still provides desirable textural qualities.

The properties of Flaked Rye make it ideal for certain beer styles where these characteristics are desired. It is commonly used in brewing Belgian-style Saisons or Farmhouse Ales as it imparts a rustic quality that complements their fruity yeast esters and peppery phenolic aromas. Furthermore, American Pale Ales benefit from incorporating Flaked Rye as it accentuates hop flavors without overpowering them with excessive sweetness or maltiness.



4 < 4 < 9 EBC
2 < 2 < 4 °L


1.6 < 7.1 < 27.6 %

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