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Spelt Malt, a type of other malt, is widely used in beer brewing for its unique flavor profile. It imparts a nutty and slightly sweet taste to the beer, adding depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile. The use of Spelt Malt in brewing greatly influences the taste of beer by providing a distinct character that sets it apart from traditional barley malts.

Apart from enhancing flavors, Spelt Malt also contributes additional properties to beers. It provides added body and mouthfeel while improving head retention, resulting in a fuller and creamier texture. Additionally, Spelt Malt adds subtle aromas reminiscent of bread or biscuits.

Typically utilized in Belgian-style beers such as Saisons or Witbiers, Spelt Malt can be incorporated into various styles where brewers aim to create a more rustic or farmhouse character. Its light color makes it suitable for lighter-colored brews like pale ales or lagers as well.



4 < 4 < 12 EBC
2 < 2 < 5 °L


2.2 < 11.1 < 52.2 %

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