Triticale Malt

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Triticale Malt, a type of other malt with a light color, is gaining popularity in the beer brewing industry for its unique flavor profile and properties. It adds a distinct nutty and slightly spicy taste to beers, influencing their overall flavor. The use of Triticale Malt can enhance the complexity and depth of various beer styles by providing a subtle sweetness and earthy undertones.

This versatile grain is typically used as an adjunct or specialty malt in brewing. Its high protein content contributes to improved head retention and body in the final product. Breweries often incorporate Triticale Malt in recipes for pale ales, IPAs, stouts, and even Belgian-style farmhouse saisons to add character and dimension to these beer styles. With its ability to impart both malty sweetness and interesting flavors, Triticale Malt offers brewers an exciting ingredient option that elevates their creations beyond traditional barley-based brews.



4 < 7 < 15 EBC
2 < 3 < 6 °L


3.5 < 9.5 < 59.7 %

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