Unmalted Barley

Unmalted Adjunct


Unmalted Barley is a grain that brings a distinct flavor profile to beer brewing. It tends to impart a slightly sweet and nutty taste, with hints of breadiness and cereal grains. This unique flavor can add complexity and depth to the overall taste of the beer, making it an interesting ingredient for brewers seeking different nuances in their creations.

In addition to its flavor contribution, Unmalted Barley also affects other properties of the beer. Its high protein content enhances head retention, resulting in a fuller and more persistent foam on top. Moreover, this adjunct helps improve body and mouthfeel by adding viscosity without excessive sweetness or heaviness. Brewers commonly use Unmalted Barley as part of their grist bill when crafting certain styles of beers such as Irish stouts or Belgian witbiers. In these recipes, it plays a crucial role in achieving specific characteristics like smoothness, creaminess, or haze formation respectively.



2 < 3 < 221 EBC
1 < 2 < 83 °L


1.3 < 8.6 < 90.6 %

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