Unmalted Rye

Unmalted Adjunct


Unmalted Rye is a popular adjunct used in beer brewing, known for its unique flavor profile. It imparts a distinct spiciness and earthy character to the beer, making it an excellent choice for brewers looking to add complexity to their brews. The presence of Unmalted Rye can greatly influence the taste of beer by providing a subtle sweetness and contributing to a fuller body. Additionally, its spicy notes often complement hop bitterness or enhance other malt flavors.

Aside from enhancing flavor, Unmalted Rye also contributes desirable properties to the brewing process. Its high protein content aids in improving head retention and mouthfeel in the final product. This grain is commonly used as an adjunct in various beer styles such as Belgian saisons, farmhouse ales, and some American-style IPAs. These styles benefit from Unmalted Rye's ability to create a dry, crisp finish while adding depth and balance without overwhelming other ingredients present in the recipe.



3 < 7 < 8 EBC
2 < 3 < 4 °L


2.4 < 10.0 < 51.1 %

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