Millennium Hops

Super High
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Millennium hops, named to mark the turn of the millennium, were released in the year 2000. They were bred in the John I. Haas, Inc., breeding program and are a high alpha acids variety. This hop is a daughter of Nugget, and it shares a similar brewing profile with Nugget and Columbus, being primarily used as a bittering hop due to its strong alpha potential. However, Millennium hops are not just about bitterness. They have a unique aroma profile that includes resin, floral, toffee, and pear, which can add a complex layer of flavors to your brew.

Millennium hops are often used in American Ales, Barleywines, and Stouts, where their high alpha acid content can balance out the malt sweetness. They are also known for their cream-caramel flavors of yogurt and toffee, subtly complemented by woody notes of tobacco. Spicy nuances of sage and curry as well as fruity red berry components also contribute to the Millennium hop’s flavor profile. Despite their high alpha acid content, Millennium hops are considered mild in character, with an ability to impart herbaceous notes and elements of resin.


Alpha Acid

11.8 < 15.5 < 17.4 %

Beta Acid

5.0 < 5.7 < 5.7 %


4.3 < 25.0 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Bittering

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