Hops with the Exotic Descriptor

The "exotic" descriptor for beer hops typically refers to flavors and aromas that are unusual or distinctly different from traditional hop profiles, which often include pine, citrus, or floral notes. Exotic hops may impart unique tastes such as tropical fruits (like mango or passionfruit), unusual herbal notes, or spicy and earthy undertones. These distinct characteristics can add a complex and intriguing layer to the beer's overall flavor profile, enhancing its uniqueness and appeal.

Exotic hops are especially desirable in beer styles that benefit from bold, distinctive flavors, such as IPAs (India Pale Ales), Saisons, and some Pale Ales. In IPAs, the use of exotic hops can elevate the sensory experience by introducing vibrant, tropical, or spicy notes that complement the beer's inherent bitterness and malt backbone. In Saisons and experimental craft beers, these hops contribute to the artisanal and innovative nature of the brew, allowing brewers to explore and push the boundaries of traditional beer flavor profiles.

Other descriptors going with Exotic: