Flaked Spelt

Unmalted Adjunct


Flaked Spelt, a light-colored unmalted adjunct grain, has found its application in beer brewing due to its unique flavor profile. It contributes a subtle nutty and slightly sweet taste to the beer, enhancing its overall complexity. This ingredient influences the taste by adding depth and character while providing a smooth mouthfeel.

The properties of Flaked Spelt make it an excellent choice for brewers looking to create distinct beers. Apart from adding flavor, it also aids in improving head retention and enhances the body of the brew. Due to these characteristics, Flaked Spelt is commonly used in various beer styles such as Belgian Witbiers, Saisons, Hefeweizens, and even some Pale Ales or IPAs that aim for more complexity and texture.



1 < 3 < 16 EBC
1 < 2 < 7 °L


1.9 < 8.9 < 33.6 %

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