Unmalted Oat

Unmalted Adjunct


Unmalted Oat, a type of grain used in beer brewing, brings its distinct flavor profile and unique properties to the brewing process. It imparts a smooth and creamy mouthfeel with subtle nutty undertones to the finished beer. This adds complexity to the overall taste experience and enhances the body of the brew.

The use of Unmalted Oat influences the taste of beer by contributing a silky texture and enhancing its creaminess. It also helps improve head retention, resulting in a visually appealing pint with a rich foam cap that lingers longer. Additionally, it provides additional proteins for yeast nutrition during fermentation.

Brewers often utilize Unmalted Oat for its specific characteristics in various styles such as oatmeal stouts, New England IPAs (NEIPAs), or Belgian witbiers. Its light color allows brewers more flexibility when designing their recipes while still benefiting from its desired attributes without significantly impacting the final hue of their beers.



1 < 4 < 6 EBC
1 < 2 < 3 °L


2.4 < 6.5 < 15.1 %

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