Vanguard Hops

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Vanguard hops, bred in 1982 by the USDA and released in 1997, are an aroma variety with a unique acid profile. They feature a somewhat rare balance of low alpha acid (4.4%-6.0%) and high beta acid (6.0%-7.0%), and an oil profile dominated by high levels of humulene, which gives Vanguard a pronounced woody and herbal character atop a definitive spiciness. This unusual profile results in a very smooth and subtle bitter quality in beer.

Vanguard hops have aroma descriptors that include woody, cedar, and even tobacco notes. They are typically used in late boil additions, including dry hopping, and are perfect for any German style beer or hybrid styled beers like American Wheat. Despite exhibiting some similarities to Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, due to their close lineage, the spicy quality of Vanguard is suggested to be particularly evident when used as an early addition. They are also used in a variety of ales, including Stouts and Imperial Stouts, adding to the aroma complexity. Vanguard hops are a popular choice for brewers looking for a noble type variety with a unique flavor profile.


Alpha Acid

4.4 < 5.0 < 6.5 %

Beta Acid

6.0 < 6.0 < 6.0 %


7.4 < 50.0 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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