Hops with Calendula Flavor

The flavor profile of calendula often refers to the distinctive characteristics found in certain hop varieties, with notes of floral, herbal, and sometimes subtly spicy elements. This flavor can be particularly desirable in beer styles where a floral or herbaceous aroma and taste are favored. In traditional beer styles such as Saisons, certain Belgian Ales, and English Bitters, a hint of calendula-like flavor can be particularly appealing as these styles rely on a balance of malt sweetness and subtle hop bitterness, with the floral and herbal hop notes adding complexity and depth.

Moreover, calendula flavor may also find its application in more experimental beer styles like certain types of Farmhouse Ales and Specialty Beers, where brewers may aim for a unique flavor composition. Here, the calendula character can work as a distinguishing note, offering a distinct profile that sets such beers apart from others. Ultimately, the appropriateness of the calendula flavor in any beer style depends on the brewer's creativity and intention, and the overall balance and complexity they want to achieve in the finished beer.

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