Bullion hops, a sister selection to Brewer's Gold, were first bred in 1919 at Wye College, England. The hops originate from a wild hop cutting sourced from Manitoba, Canada. Bullion hops were officially released in 1938 and were once popular in professional brewing circles. However, their production capacity has been reduced in favor of super-alpha varieties with greater bittering potential and increased storage stability. Despite this, Bullion hops are still used in brewing, particularly for darker beers.

Bullion hops are known for their high alpha acids and an incredibly high yield. They produce a heavy crop of large cones and feature zesty, herbal, and spicy flavors with predominantly dark red fruit notes, similar to blackcurrant. The bitterness of Bullion hops is considered slightly coarse by some, and they are often used for mid to late additions in the brewing process.


Alpha Acid

3.5 < 8.0 < 12.0 %

Beta Acid

4.2 < 4.5 < 4.6 %


7.2 < 50.0 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Bittering

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