Saphir Hops

🇩🇪 Germany


Saphir hops, also known as Sapphire, originated in Germany and were bred at the Hop Research Center Hüll. Released in 2000 alongside the varieties Smaragd and Opal, Saphir was developed as a new aroma variety and is known for its unique aroma properties. The hop is cultivated in Germany and has an alpha acid content ranging from 3.03% to 4.03%, beta acids from 4.73% to 5.58%, and total oil content between 1.35 and 1.58 ml/100g. The ancestry of Saphir hops is rooted in Hüll breeding material.

The flavor profile of Saphir hops is quite diverse and contrasting. It exhibits a spicy woodiness of juniper, combined with red fruits, such as strawberry. In cold infusion, the hop presents aromas of citrus, bergamot, lemon grass, black tea, and green fruits. This unique wealth of flavors makes Saphir hops a versatile choice for homebrewers. It is often used in lagers, pilsners, and other German-style beers, but its unique flavor profile can also lend itself well to more experimental brews. The Saphir hop is known for its delicate, refined flavors and aromas, and is a popular choice for brewers looking to add a unique twist to their brews.


Alpha Acid

2.4 < 3.7 < 5.6 %

Beta Acid

4.6 < 4.6 < 4.6 %


8.9 < 50.0 < 100.0 %


Purpose: Aroma

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